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By avi cohen

A divorce should not be difficult when you know what’s to be expected. Before you go on Google to find the “best divorce lawyer near me” or “top family lawyer,” consider the following:

Who advises you can make all the difference in whether you end up in court with a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. Oftentimes, a party may think divorce is the time to make up for unhappy times together and air all dirty laundry purely for the sake of hurting their spouse. It’s not! Will someone ever make up the time spent in an abusive marriage, an unfaithful one, or one marred by financial coverups? We think not!

Without question, the best results are attained when litigants approach the divorce as they would any business transaction. It is easy to get caught up in what your spouse is doing, how he/she is pushing your buttons, and how committed his/her attorney is to destroying you. It must be frustrating for sure. But it is not productive and you know that. Worry only about those things you can control. Those things that are beyond your control are just that; not something you can change. Self-discipline is hard but imperative to your happiness.

What’s the secret formula? Hard work! Take it easy on yourself. A steady diet of daily emotional exercise can make all the difference in YOUR decision (it is yours) whether or not to engage in a long and bitter divorce simply to appease the ego.

Call to discuss which approach is best suited for you and your recovery.

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