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Partners may, absent prohibitory provisions of the statutes or of rules of the common law relating to partnerships, or considerations of public policy, include in the partnership articles any agreement the partners desire to include.  The partners of either a general or limited partnership, between themselves, may include in the partnership articles any agreement they wish concerning the sharing of profits and losses, priorities of distribution on winding up of the partnership affairs and other matters. If complete, the agreement signed by the partners controls.  In short, parties to a partnership agreement generally have the right to contract around a provision of the Partnership Law, provided of course they do so in language that is clear, unequivocal, and unambiguous. No particular magic words need to be recited, provided that the parties’ intentions are made clear.

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We recognize that a business – no matter the size – and its owners, partners and shareholders are challenged with substantially greater exposure to legal issues than any individual would on a daily basis.  Whether it involves not being paid for outstanding invoices, disputes with partners, employment-related issues, understanding corporate regulations, engaging with litigious vendors, or a variety of other business litigation issues, you will need to be represented by an attorney and law firm which can not only get the work done, but will work WITH you at solving your problems.  Our experience in large New York City commercial litigation law firms and representing Fortune 500 companies prepared us for meeting the challenges you face.


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Contracts And Agreements

Having seen, witnessed and represented clients on various causes for breach of contract, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable business lawyer be able to draft contracts and agreements such as purchase and sale agreements, marketing-agency agreements, affiliate agreements, an operating agreement, joint ventures, and partnership agreements. A well-prepared contract or agreement can save you lots of money and future litigation aggravation.


Breach Of Contract

In almost every commercial litigation dispute, there are two sides alleging completely incongruent positions.

The essential elements of a breach of contract cause of action are:

(i) the existence of a contract

(ii) the plaintiff’s (or claimant’s) performance pursuant to the contract;

(iii) the defendant’s breach of his or her contractual obligations

(iv) and damages resulting from the breach.

Generally, a party alleging a breach of contract must demonstrate the existence of a contract reflecting the terms and conditions of their purported agreement. Furthermore, a plaintiff’s allegations must identify the provisions of the contract that were breached.


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Our team of experienced and hard-working business attorneys can guide you through each and every option in a partnership agreement. We pride ourselves on making these complex matters easier to understand and provide compassionate services that make the process easier to cope with. Let us guide you through your new venture! 


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When it comes to representing our clients, there’s really only one option: individualized attention. You will never be just another file. We understand one hat does not fit all and that each client has different needs. We take the extra time to give each of our clients the personal attention they deserve!

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