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Experience: Make sure your lawyer has handled your type of case before.

Prior Success: It’s important to review your lawyer’s success rate in your type of case.

Trust: Hire someone that you feel comfortable with. Can he explain things clearly? Did he answer all of your questions? did he truly understand you?
Interest: Hire someone who cares. When you met, did you feel like just another prospect or was the lawyer genuinely interested in you and your case? Contrary to one of the popular lawyer joke themes, not all lawyers are simply mercenaries out to make a fee. We certainly aren’t!

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When it comes to representing our clients, there’s really only one option: individualized attention. You will never be just another file. We understand one hat does not fit all and that each client has different needs. We take the extra time to give each of our clients the personal attention they deserve! 

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If you’re contemplating filing for a divorce, personal injury, guardianship, custody, or commercial litigation, we realize that laws ang rights can be confusing. A. Cohen Law Firm, P.C. will stand by you through thick and thin.

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