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Our unwavering desire to zealously represent our clients in the most efficient, cost-effective and attentive manner is what we’re all about. Many firms have their own mission statements. Ours is simple: Excellent legal representation coupled with personal attention for all our clients.


Guardianship Proceedings

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Guardianship Matters

A Guardianship is a proceeding where the court decides whether someone should have legal rights to make decisions on behalf of the Person In Need because he or she is unable to make decisions for themselves. There can be various types and purposes for guardianship appointments, including over the sick/incapacitated, elderly and children.  Depending on the type of guardianship requested, the case will be decided either in the Family Court, the Supreme Court or the Surrogate’s Court.


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Our team of experienced and hard-working attorneys can guide you through each and every scenario of guardianship that may come your way. We pride ourselves on making these complex matters easier to understand and provide compassionate services that make the emotions easier to cope with. Let us guide you through your troubling time.


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When it comes to representing our clients, there’s really only one option: individualized attention. You will never be just another file. We understand one hat does not fit all and that each client has different needs. We take the extra time to give each of our clients the personal attention they deserve!