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By avi cohen

A. Cohen Law Firm, P.C. has filed its second federal lawsuit against BMW after its automatic-closing doors crushed another customer’s finger.

The recently filed suit received coverage from several major news outlets, including the New York Daily News and the New York Post. It focuses on BMW’s faulty SCAD (Soft Closing Automatic Doors) technology, which shuts BMW car doors when they are ajar. The technology, however, has no sensor and will crush human fingers if they are in the way.

“Customers spend lots of money to drive what BMW calls the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine.’ It should be called the ‘Ultimate Danger Machine,’ ” Avi Cohen, founder of A. Cohen Law Firm, P.C., told the New York Post.

Cohen represents Alexis Fields, a resident of Smithtown on Long Island, in the latest suit, which was filed this month in the Eastern District of New York. Her thumb was crushed when she was getting out of her BMW 750Li at a strip mall. A. Cohen Law Firm, P.C. also has an ongoing lawsuit in a similar case in which Godwin Boateng’s thumb was cut off by a BMW automatic-closing door.

“They’re responsible,” Cohen told the New York Daily News. “They [BMW] created this medieval-style device that essentially crushes people’s fingers or even decapitates people’s fingers.”

If you have encountered a similar problem with BMW’s doors, please call our offices at (516) 341-1171 for a consultation.

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