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Avi is a caring and diligent Attorney. I felt very confident having him defend my case before we walked into the court room and after experiencing how well he kept control of the proceedings and kept my best interests his utmost goal was impressive and comforting at such a stressful time.
I would highly recommend Avid Cohen if you are looking for qualified, Caring, Professional and Quality Attorney to represent you and your case.

Eugene Cherubini


Avi was very empathetic to my requirements and made me aware of my rights and allowed me to make decisions as I felt best. He ensured I was protecting myself and the other party was fully engaged as needed.



Avi took the time to explain the tough process ahead, the potential pitfalls and the various options. He made himself available at all times and no questions went unanswered as I was an active participant start to finish. I highly recommend Avi, he's professional, experienced and cares.



I can say with confidence The Avi Cohen Law Firm, is the Top Law Firm in NY. I am a retired NYPD Police Officer & was referred to Avi Cohen through a highly respected Private Investigator I know, & I still can't thank him enough for pointing me in the right direction. Avi Cohen got me all the records I needed for my case, before the defendant knew what hit them, and has connections to all of NY's top Private Investigators. Avi can find a needle in a needle in a haystack, and he certainly did in my case.



Divorce is hard but attorneys like Avi make the process tempting to do more than once. One of the best decisions I've made in 2015 was retaining Avi as my attorney. What I admire most about him is his humanity. You're not just a number or a paycheck. Calls, emails and texts are always answered in a timely manner and he always take the time to explain whatever need to be explained without making you feel stupid. He's understanding, caring, funny, and super hard-ass in court. I'm not ecstatic about my end results but I'm glad i had him in my corner.



Throughout our legal process Mr. Cohen was professional and guided us every step of the way to ensure our questions and concerns were addressed and ensured our case was successful. I strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal help.



He is the best out there. Period. I had a injury case that Avi settle in less than a year. His tenacity and work ethic is uncanny. He cares about his clients to a degree that separates him from the other attorneys out there. I'm so happy with my settlement and I will definitely be referring Avi Cohen to anyone in need of his assistance



As an investigator, I have worked with Avi on various projects over the years and can honestly say, there are not many more professional, hard charging and enthusiastic Attorneys like him. If I ever needed to hire an attorney or found myself in a hairy position, Mr. Avi Cohen would be my very first call.

Iggy L.


I just started with divorce proceedings a few days ago and so far I've had a good impression about Avi. He gives you a sense that he really cares for you. He has been very attentive and responds right away when I've called, even at late hours. True dedication to his clients.

Eugenia Cruz


Avi is a skilled attorney who takes pride in attention to detail and time management, especially when it directly involves a client.

Adam K.


Avi Cohen is just an amazing lawyer. His professionalism is outstanding. When working with Avi, you don't feel like another client on a list. He is very patient and clear when explaining different rules and regulations. He really puts his clients first and is always available for any questions you have or advice you need. If it's family law, commercial litigation, or an area you are not sure about, I highly recommend Avi. He will clear a path for you and hold your hand down the road.

David M.


I get the feeling that when I'm with Avi in court, the other side does not want to deal with him because they are worried he will destroy them! He's awesome and quick on his feet. Avi is fair and attentive to my needs but I would not want to be on the opposite side!!!



From the beginning, Mr, Cohen was knowledgeable professional who was truly invested in my case. He listened with utmost sensitivity regarding my specific situation and capably advised me about important decisions.Mr. Cohen was always reachable by e-mail and phone and relayed good insights and strategies. I truly recommend Mr. Cohen's legal services in the fullest regard.



I was served with divorce papers and I chose Avi Cohen as my attorney because he was able to put me at ease regarding my case during our initial consultation. Avi has been very attentive and supportive. If I have any questions or concerns I can reach out to him at any time and feel comfortable that he will respond immediately. I can already tell that he is going to fight hard to help me get everything I am entitled to. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dali G.


My experience with Avi falls nothing short of excellent. He took the time to know me, my family, children and feelings. His policy of no billing for my calls and emails to him makes it so much more comfortable as a client and creates a high level of trust. Amazing relationship with my attorney who calls to check up on me is the kind of representation I was looking for! HIGHLY recommended

John R.


Personal & sincere Attorney & client relationship. After one meeting I felt like I was with my best friend. Avi Cohen is the greatest & finest Attorney ever !! I recommend him highly. Stephen A. Leibowitz C P M United Pickle Products Corporation, United Pickle Packers, Inc., United Farm Processing Corporation, Crossing Delancey Pickle Enterprises Corp ( DBA GUSS' PICKLES )., Harbour Mansion Realty Corporation

Stephen L.


My experience at the office although it was hard to revisit my families situation was overall satisfying. Everyone I encountered was friendly and pleasant. I was not rushed, I was even given tissue when I begin to tear up a bit. Every case is unique I know, but I can say even before my visit to the office Mr. Cohen spoke to me for a lengthy period of time getting as much information as he could. I would definitely refer someone to him if they are every in need of an attorney.

Saundrea Coleman

May 11

I had a wonderful experience working with Avi. He was professional and personable. Avi was easy to get in touch with and always responsive to my questions and needs throughout the trial process. I would highly recommend his law services.

Brian D


Avi Cohen did a great job in representing me both effectively and professionally. In our first meeting Avi spelled out our strategy and executed it perfectly. I would recommend Avi for any legal situation where you want a fair legal outcome!


April 21

Avi was highly recommended from a personal friend who is in a similar situation. I was able to reach, Avi immediately. He returned all my calls, answered every single question I had (and I had tons of questions) and was overall incredibly supportive and really put me at ease, which is not an easy thing to do given the circumstances of my case. My matter is still very active, but knowing that I have...


April 20

Attorney Avi was very committed to my case. He demonstrated compassion and fairness and I highly recommend him! Awesome Human Being.


April 20

Avi has represented and advised us on complex international legal matters. His skill set and professionalism stood out most. We will certainly use Avi again.


April 15/17